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Spelling mistkes are inevitible

Most of us manage to get our spelling wrong every once in a while. Sometimes we mistype wordf, sometimes we tranpsose letters. Sometimes wordsjoin up and ocassionally they are simply misspelled (mispelled? misspelt?).

Unfortunately, whilst we have the world's best business server storing Gigabytes of text inside invoices, letters, order notes... there's no simple way of checking that the text the customer sees is not, well, embaressingly inacurrate.

Hopefully, you'll find Spell/400 not only fixes this but excels any expectations of how a spell checker should work.


Spell/400 was written to look like PC spell checkers. Your applications can have popup windows that provide suggestions, and words can be changed with a click of the mouse - it can look and act identically to a typical PC spell checker:

Spell/400 works with any application - even without the application source code. The same spell checker and dictionaries can work throughout all the applications on your system.

Spell/400 goes further than a PC spell checker with features like 'auto-change' where common mistakes, such as seperate and desparate, are automatically replaced with their correct spellings.

It can check words from 8 dictionaries, each of which can be specialized to a particular aspect of your business; product codes, product descriptions, customer names...

Each user can add words to their own personal dictionaries or to a departmental dictionary or even to an shared application-specific dictionary.

You can create dictionaries based on your database; Perhaps a 'widgit' dictionary of parts, descriptions and trade-specific terms or a dictionary of customer names... anything that might end up in free-format text fields.

Spell/400 adapts the spell checker to the 'Business Server' concept. You can administer dictionaries so that additions need approval before being accepted and available to other users. There's full control over which actions can be taken by users, and a full audit history of what changes were made.

Spell/400 Reviews

ITJungle - April 2009

Spell/400 Customer Base

Correct spelling is important for most organizations and as such the Spell/400 customer base is pretty diverse.

Our customers range from

We are, however, very keen to signup the other 99% of System i companies out there!

Contact details

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Refund Policy

Spell/400 is offered with an evaluation trial license. If you are not 100% satisfied with the software within this trial period we will fully refund the cost of your order. If you have any complaint with the software during the lifetime of the license we will be happy to address and fix the issue or, in the event we are unable to solve the issue, offer a full refund for the remaining life of the license.

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